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Sunday, December 18, 2005

volume VIII - The Death and Life of Julian.


Anonymous R Moshki said...


Very impressive art.

R. 'More-More' Moshki

12:20 am  
Blogger heather said...

Complex and really interesting

8:37 pm  
Anonymous Kim said...

I feel the meaning, through scheme of color of several hues..its a visual life arranged to create a search for balance, throughout your life the colors has expressed your own hue of value and intensity, your emotions are drawn to an object as they move along all the edges and ridges of your life, bending, twisiting, distorting and straigtening. This reflects your ideas and moods your dreams. I see the waves of thoughts beneath a seamaless wave of your soul. The tears have fallen like rain, leaving a beauty we just can't explain...

6:32 pm  
Anonymous lulu said...

lulu want this

9:59 am  

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